Nasir Zaka

Nasir Zaka is a guitar player and composer from Pakistan better known as the founder, guitarist and composer of a Pakistani Rock Band “AUJ”. They are the winner of Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 4, the biggest competition in Pakistan and got great success all around the world right away. He is mainly known for his power riffs, sole compositions and vintage guitar tones along with a distinctive style of playing to make a single guitar sound massive.

Nasir was hugely influenced by Metallica, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Pantera when he started playing guitar. As time goes by his genre elevated towards more grunge and darker side which includes bands like Alice in chains, sound garden and pearl jam along with alternate flavors such as Audioslave, muse, foo fighters, etc. Soon after he found his own unique sound and got himself in music production and compositing original songs.


Guitar Rack

Nasir bought his first Chapman guitar which was a ML2 in order to fulfill his playing requirement which became an excessive part of his overall journey.

Your own songs should give you Goosebumps. If they don't, you have got work to do!