Luke Grech

Hailing from the tiny island of Malta bang in the middle of the Mediterranean, is myself – Luke Grech – last name actually pronounced as Greck. I am a session guitarist and music producer operating from my own musical abode by the name of Cornerhouse Studios.

My main genres are funk/rock/fusion and I regularly session for a number of prominent local pop solo artists on the island. Some of my fondest memories onstage have been during my performances at the Isle of MTV Malta, The Farsons Great Beer Festival, The Valletta New Year’s Eve National Celebrations Concert and Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija.


Guitar Rack

Since my work involves a number of situations where I am required to play quite a number of styles within the same set, I need to have an instrument which is versatile enough to nail a vast range of sounds. This is exactly why the Chapman ML1 Standard Hybrid and ML1 Pro Hybrid guitar are my weapons of choice - HSS pickups, a two-point tremolo and slick neck profiles are just the right ingredients to fit my playing needs!