John Connearn

John Connearn is a guitarist, composer, and producer from The Midlands, U.K. Growing up with a guitar in almost every room led John to be a passionate musician, performing guitar from a very early age. At the turn of the decade, John began his solo career in 2020 with his debut release ‘First Things First’, and has followed this up with further single and EP releases that have all caught the attention of the modern guitar community. As a multi-instrumentalist producer, John’s work embodies his love of both acoustic and electric guitar styles, voicing it within his broader instrumental compositions. While collaborating with brands and musicians worldwide, John continues to release music, tutorials, and demos online.

Guitar Rack

Chapman Guitars are the perfect middle ground between the classic and modern. It is that balance that means I can use them for everything I do, with each model still retaining particular nuances that may them their own instrument.