David McDaniel

Errluum, An Explosion of Explosives

David McDaniel is a guitarist and teacher from Seattle, Washington. Formerly a member of the progressive metal band A Sense of Gravity, he now sings/composes and produces music under An Explosion of Explosives and plays guitar/composes music for Errluum. You can find David being a freak of technique and all ’round geek on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube.

Guitar Rack

Chapman guitars are the perfect blend of a modern mindset with traditional execution. Perfect for bending, slides and phrasing with a super comfortable neck shape, rolled fretboard edges and a ton of sustain, yet just as suitable for quick picking lines, sweeping and heavy riffing with a fast satin neck, sleek cutaway and low action. All of my Chapman guitars are a veritable Swiss army knife for the stage and studio.