Caren Tevanny

Pop melodies merged with signature heavy riffs and guitar solos—this is the sound of Caren Tevanny who is embarking on her solo journey as a musician. Caren Tevanny is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Manila, Philippines. Once lauded as an underground rock femme fatale, her beginnings are rooted in metal and progressive rock music. As a music artist, she shows versatility, growth, and flexibility by incorporating synths and other electronic sonic effects to create songs that tell stories about love, inspiration, and navigating the world we live in. She is also recognized for her work with one of the country’s most successful all-female rock bands, General Luna.

Guitar Rack

With its comfortable neck profile, the ML-1 Abyss makes the challenging riffs in my composition easier to play while singing. From crisp clean tones to clear overdriven notes, the ML-1 delivers everytime. That's why it's my go to guitar for any show. Comfort, tone and eye candy.