Bőcze Zsolt

Zsolt is a metal guitarist and music producer from Germany. He was born in Hungary on November 8, 1990. He first got into playing the guitar at the age of around 13, and his love for musical instruments has remained unchanged ever since. At that time, bands like Slipknot, KoRn, and the Groove and Nu Metal bands of that era had a great influence on him, but over time, he found himself more drawn to downtuned, simpler, yet “headbang-worthy” riffing. He writes his riffs in his home studio, perfects the guitar sound to make it as massive as possible, and strives to help as many people as possible achieve their desired sound.

Guitar Rack

One of my best choices among baritone guitars. It has an incredibly heavy, clear, metallic guitar sound, comfortable playability, high quality. In short, it's a MONSTER.