Welcome to Chapman Guitars

We are British guitar company run by musicians for musicians,

founded in 2009 by owners Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton.

Our philosophy is very simple: Innovation through Collaboration.

Rob Chapman


“I’m so proud of what we have achieved together over the past 12 years of collaboration and fun creating these incredible instruments.

Our range is a stylistically varied, sonic banquet of stealthy machines designed by musicians for musicians.

It has been a complete honour to watch Chapman grow day by day into the creative and positive company that fills our days with music.

Thanks for being part of it!!


Lee Anderton

“Who knew that when Rob & I started Chapman Guitars in 2009 that 10 years later we’d be making 1000s of guitars & seeing them being sold in some of the worlds biggest & best retailers!?

It’s testament to our founding philosophy of listening to your ideas & making sure that the guitars we build represent outstanding value.

Thank you all for your support over the last decade, and thanks for being on this website & looking at what we do!”